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The declaration of agreement

ISKCON-Costa Rica,
Nueva Goloka Vrindavana april 30th 2006

The members of ISKCON Cartago Costarica community, unanimously, declar that they are in agreement and satisfied with the planes that have been made in this week of meetings with the ISKCON regional secretary Manonatha Prabhu and they feel confidence in that, thanks to these plans, our movement will have a spiritual revival. These plans include the interests of the preaching in Costa Rica as much as the interestes of the families and of the devotees living in the farm.

At the same time we declare that we disassociate in a firm fashion from any form of offences and mistrust directed towards the authorities of Srila Prabhupada’s Iskcon and that we are wishing to cooperate in the development of this project.

Signed by the devotees servants of Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundara.


The devorees signing are:
Pairjata, Devarat, Krishnakeli, Acyutananda, Nitya, Anandakrishna, Prithvipavana (temple president), Dinabandhu, Madhuryalila, Giridhari, Tribhangi and Yamuna Jivana.


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